Sunday, September 05, 2004

IQ? Does it matter in November?

In the event of a Bush win in November, I think there are enough Senate races in doubt that if the Democrats can at least gain control of the Senate, we might not have to see wacko Supreme Court nominations, drilling in the ANWR, etc. I agree that the hardcore red states are mostly a lost cause. Places like Idaho, Wyoming and Utah, for example... we all know who is going to carry those states anyway. Here are an interesting couple of paragraphs from the Washington Spectator newsletter:

"Off the radar of all pundits is a little-known, least-selling 2002 study that may very well best describe what the 2004 presidential electorate is thinking - or isn't. In "The US And The Wealth Of Nations" authors Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen conclude that, for complex reasons, the average brainpower of a nation ultimately dtermines its economic strength. The citizens of China, Japan and Korea have been shown to have a higher average IQ than Americans. The analysts' breakdown of our various states reveals the status of American minds in 2000.

"With an IQ of 100 being the average, the top seven states were: Connecticut (113), Massachusetts and New Jersey (111), New York (109), Rhode Island (107), Hawaii (106) and Maryland (105). They all voted for Gore. The bottom seven states were: Mississippi (85), Utah and Idaho (87), South Carolina and Wyoming (89), South Dakota and Oklahoma (90). They all voted for Bush."

Who knows if that is even true or not, but hey... if it is, it sure explains a lot of things.


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