Monday, April 07, 2014


This is from the website
Koch companies' products are everywhere we look- In our offices, homes and backyards. We walk on them. Wear Them. Eat off them. We use them to clean spills or to keep spills from staining. Chances are, nearly every store you walk into sell a Koch company product. Next time you shop, be on the lookout for these familiar brands:
 Cool Max
 Solar max
 Vanity Fair
 Angel Soft
 Quilted Northern
 Mardi Gras
 Dixie (yeah... Dixie Cups...  sigh...)  
 DensArmor Plus
 Tough Rock
 Demak Up
Toilet Paper:
Angel Soft
Quilted Northern
Soft N, Gentle
Paper Towels:
Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras
Vanity Fair
Bumper Harvest
Food Service:
Quik-Rap sandwich paper
Quilt-Rap insulating sandwich wrap
Food Shop sandwich wrap
Menu tissue

I add:
We really are surrounded by these guys.  They have their fingers in more pies than most Americans imagine, including quite a few right-wing political pies.  They are basically buying America and will have no problems if it results in the destruction of our political system.  Harry Reid is correct in his current approach, which is to expose the Kochs and educate the public about them.   Recent polls show that about half of Americans know who the Kochs are.  Let's see if we can get that up to about 90% by November.

More resources and product lists:

Tuesday, April 01, 2014


Recent polls are finding that the popularity of the Affordable Care Act (which I won't refer to by using the "O word") is quickly gaining.  Conservatives who like to argue that the surge in enrollments is not due to people liking the program are barking up the wrong tree.  And the more people sign up, the more ingrained the program becomes, and the less a campaign issue it becomes for Republican candidates.

How about getting a few more million enrollees by mid-summer?

Sunday, March 09, 2014


While President Obama's reaction to Crimea seems pretty feeble, it's not a lot different than Dubya's feeble reaction to Georgia in 2008. But the current president's response is far worse in the minds of conservatives, because, well, Obama.

They'll just say things like "Hey, we hated Bush too" although that's a lie. They LOVED Bush, and many still do. They "tea party" people will talk about how they hated Bush for his spending, while in reality the "tea party" doesn't seem to be about spending and money issues nearly as much as it seems to be a forum for the same old hard right crap (punitive legislation, elements of sexism/racism/homophobia, promotion of Christianity, and general dislike of anyone or anything "different"), but now on steroids. 

The "tea party" is a caricature of extreme conservatism, and for the few right wingers who are actual "tea party" purists (for whom it IS all about the money and taxes), they're just getting taken along for the ride as their movement has been co-opted by the same old same-olds (like the Kochs) who are attempting to buy America as they peddle fear to garner support for their political puppets.

Bush wasn't able to react more strongly, and Obama hasn't been able to either. Who wants to get into a war with the Russians (I mean, besides John McCain?  Or some religious nut like Ted Cruz who believes in Armageddon and would probably like to hasten it?) 

I'll agree that Obama shouldn't make verbal threats or insinuate threats our country can't back up, and I will agree that undermines our credibility. And I'll readily admit I also rolled my eyes when he talked about "consequences" this time.

But if he didn't say anything, he would be criticized just as harshly by conservatives, and conservatives know this as they are all too happy to criticize him for every single thing he does. Their hatred of Obama borders on pathological. They want him to fail, even if it's in international affairs. 

This is why, when they look for a "stronger leader", they will praise anyone they perceive as "beating" Obama... no matter that in this case the other guy is possibly one of the most dangerous leaders in the world (not to mention one of the more anti-American). They'll give Putin nods for his "strong leadership" at the same time they cut down the leader of their own country. 

Why is this?  Apparently it's because what they really want in a leader is someone who invades other countries, who surrounds himself with belligerent and bellicose people, who loves power, and who basically bullies others... like the last guy did. Dubya was in their comfort zone.  

Our current president doesn't meet those criteria, and he is outside their comfort zone.  But... !  Obama has governed more like a centrist than like the "socialist" (or worse) they say he is.  He has spent less than his predecessor, and in what is a trend we see in modern times, the deficit is being reduced during the time the Democrat is in the White House.  So, hey...  all the hating really isn't about taxes and money after all.  

I guess all the hating must be about something a lot more "base".  Hmmm...  what might that be?   And what are all the hard right people so afraid of?  Because they are obviously afraid of something.   

Sunday, March 02, 2014


A good point well made

"To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public."
- Theodore Roosevelt

I believe that is a true statement.

But it will be interesting to see how the rabid Obama hating conservatives react to the situation in Ukraine.  It seems to me a lot of them are basically siding with Vladimir Putin in the Ukraine situation.

Whether they think Obama is great or ineffectual, this is a time when they need to stand behind him.  Whether or not they like him or hate him, he's the president, and we're in some tough times with Russia.

So, who's treasonous?  Maybe it is those whose hatred for the president overrides all else.

Saturday, March 01, 2014


If current trends continue in America, the Republican party is going to have to adapt or perish.

Any conservative reader would deny the above, simply based on the source of the story, but that's OK.  If Republicans deny there is a problem and if they continue to plod along as if nothing needs changing, they won't last in their present form for more than another 10-15 years.

I think there is a split coming.  The right wing, always quick to point out that leading the left is like trying to herd cats, are experiencing "pot meet kettle".  The left is lots more united than it might seem.

Now all the left needs to do is get out the vote, and the right wing realizes this...  thus all the Republican  gerrymandering of congressional districts, and all and the attempts to restrict voting rights of people who are more likely to vote Democrat.

The left is united.  Now come on, let's get mobilized.  

Saturday, January 04, 2014


Pretty interesting stuff.  If you like things like "alternate history" books and speculative science fiction, this idea could generate lots more.  When I consider how the population of the planet is growing and how water is one of our most precious resources, I find this concept fascinating.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014


Nostradamus I'm not, but a blogpost at my friend Tom Harper's blog "Who Hijacked Our Country?"  ( ) inspired me to do some prognosticating.

I agree with most of what Tom predicted.  His predictions are sound.  I added a few in the comment section, and I'll summarize his thoughts, and my thoughts from the comment.  And, I will add a few!

Tom says he believe the balance of power in the House and Senate will stay the same.  Mitch McConnell won't be re-elected, and it will be the Democrat who beats him (and not the "tea party" primary challenger).  I think that's likely, and I'll add that I think Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley (D) will win re-election but that it will be a very close race.

There will be plenty more political brinksmanship when it comes to the budget and the debt ceiling, but the GOP will have learned its lesson in 2013 and will seek compromise rather than promoting government shutdowns and such in 2014.

But I think the hard-right element of the GOP-led House will try to get the ball rolling on impeachment, and while it will be all over the news, the movement won't gain traction in Congress.  This will represent a defeat for the "tea party".  Darrell Issa will be one of the people leading the impeachment movement.
Republicans Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Scott Walker and Chris Christie will all announce they are running for president.  Cruz will be plagued by his dual citizenship and will be repeatedly criticized for renouncing Canadian citizenship.  Christie will be the immediate frontrunner, but Walker will gain traction.

Rick Scott will not win re-election as governor of Florida.  John Kitzhaber will announce he is running again in Oregon, but he will not win re-election (he will be defeated in the primary by another Democrat, who will go on to win the governorship in November).  

I'll go out on a limb and say that Hillary Clinton will announce she WON'T run for president, and this will start a scramble in the Democratic party, as many will believe a Joe Biden candidacy would not be successful.   Maybe not yet time for Elizabeth Warren, either.  It will be interesting, whatever happens.

The deficit will continue to shrink, at a rate that will suggest we should once again see a surplus during a Democratic presidency.

By around the beginning of April, target enrollment in Affordable Health Care will have been reached, if not exceeded.  Moves will be made to "fix" things for those who lost their coverage.  The program's approval  ratings will be at least 50% by the time of the elections.  The president's approval rating will gradually rise as the popularity of the program increases.  While these things won't necessarily bode well for the midterm elections, they will represent a nice and timely rebound for the left.  Despite the increasing popularity of the program, the GOP will continue to make health care their main issue for the midterms.

Same-sex marriages will be legal in roughly half the states by the end of the year.

The unemployment rate will be below 7% by June, and will be somewhere around 6.7% by the end of the year (and somewhere around 6.0% by the end of Obama's presidency).  

A few more states will vote to legalize marijuana.  I think likely places for this are Oregon, Hawaii, Alaska, maybe New Mexico, and maybe even a surprise state from the Northeast, like Vermont or New Hampshire.  I don't see states in the South going this route for a long time.

And finally, more advertisers will leave the Rush Limbaugh show as he continues to make one addled statement after another, and FOX "News" ratings will decline as more and more people continue to get their "news" from The Daily Show and Colbert Report.