Friday, March 11, 2005


For Anne Coulter.

lyrics by Snave (with apologies to Don Henley)

Sometimes I wonder how it is hate grows
I don’t know if even Satan knows
But you must have had some dreams that didn’t
Quite come true
And you know it ain’t the Left, little girl, who’s
Hurting you
If something’s flyin’ in the face of reason
Or blocked by the light
You will keep on trying to insist that
It’s right
For you girl-
There’s just not enough hate in the world

You think Clinton hurt you so bad
Warned about the damage he could do,
And it makes us so mad-
How you push the lib’rals round just like
Children on a playground
Even after that ol’ Bill went down-
And if a lib’ral says the sun is what
Produces our light
You will go around insisting that the
Day’s really night
For you girl-
There’s just not enough hate in the world

Oh darlin’, you are such a shady little clown
And sometimes you can be so vile-
To the world, for the camera-
You say nothing worthwhile
Do you have to prove somethin’ to somebody?
You think too much of yourself
You’re not easy to reason with-
We all know that’s true
You’re no guru either, babe
And that’s one of the reasons we pity you
When a time will come around when you need to settle down
You’ll stay stuck on your merry-go-round
With all your logic in the shadows
Of non-reality:
"Kill their leaders, invade their countries
Give ‘em Christianity?”
For you girl-
There’s just not enough hate in the world


Blogger Lizzy said...

I finally got through!

Great lyrics!

7:50 AM  
Blogger Sheryl said...


I think you must have a different method of writing from me because your lyrics have a completely different feel. They are more free flowing, whereas when I write there's a more abrupt sound. Interesting. I like both, but it's a completely different feel.

Hey, did you change something on your blog recently?The last few times I have visited, it has really churned up my hard drive. Kind of like when Blogger is resaving my entirely blog.

Thanks for your comments in my blog on the Syria-Israel-Lebanon issue from the 8th. I just noticed saw it today. I totally agree with what you wrote. I figure if Bush were really out to promote democracy in the Middle East, then he would be supporting the government in Kuwait who are currently trying to get the Kuwaiti parliament to vote on allowing women the right to vote there. But I guess Kuwait is not all that important in the Middle East takeover strategy. :(

3:56 PM  

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