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Yes! This time by the Reverend Herr Doktor Frist!!

Snave's note: This was just in fun, mind you! 8-)> That is, I had lots of fun highlighting certain phrases below in bold and adding the pictures.

The Associated Press
June 21, 2005

WASHINGTON - Reversing field after a meeting with President Bush,
Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said he will continue pushing for a floor vote on John R. Bolton for U.N. ambassador. Frist switched his position
after initially saying Tuesday that negotiations with Democrats to get a vote on Bolton had been exhausted.

Talking to reporters in the White House driveway after he joined other GOP lawmakers for a luncheon with Bush, Frist said: "The president made it very clear that he expects an up-or-down vote."

Just about two hours earlier, Frist said he wouldn't schedule another vote on Bolton's nomination
and said that Bush must decide the next move. Frist, R-Tenn., had said there was nothing further he could do to break a Democratic stalemate with the Bush White House over Bolton, an outspoken conservative who, opponents argue, would undermine U.S. interests at the world body.

But he changed his tune
after talking to Bush.

Frist's abrupt public turnabout
underscored the political pressures that the long-running battle over Bolton have heaped upon Frist and Bush.

Six months into his final term in office, Bush is struggling to avoid the perception of a weakened lame duck at a time when his proposal for revamping Social Security has made little progress and some lawmakers are calling for troop withdrawals from Iraq. Frist has lost control of the Republican-run Senate in recent weeks
in fights over Bush's judicial appointments and earlier attempts to confirm Bolton.

Describing his talk with Bush, Frist said: "The decision in talking to the president is that he strongly supports John Bolton, as we know, and he asked that we continue to work. And we'll continue to work."

"It's not dead," he said. "It is going to require some continued talking and discussion."
Frist, however, also said that some Democrats, led by Sens. Christopher Dodd and Joseph Biden, had "locked down."

"We'll continue to work to get an up-or-down vote for John Bolton over the coming days, possibly weeks," he said.

Deputy State Department spokesman Adam Ereli had greeted Frist's initial announcement with a declaration that Democrats had left Bolton "hanging in the wind."

Note: The rest of the article is at http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/8303395/page/2/ . I will be the first to admit, the article is not particularly objective... but I did have a hell of a lot of fun reading it!



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