Monday, September 12, 2011


I don't tend to watch a lot of movies, but lately I have seen three of them.

Are these poorly-conceived reviews of movies, or are they reviews of poorly-conceived movies? You read, you watch, you decide. 8-)

SOURCE CODE - Main character is a hero, wins the girl, etc. But done in a thoughtful way. Good earthbound Sci-Fi stuff here, makes you think a bit. Some characters are slightly wooden, but what the hell, the "what if" factor in this film's story makes it a good time. B+

APOLLO 18 - If you are as tired as I am of "found footage" movies like "Blair Witch Project", "Cloverfield" and "Paranormal Activity", don't take this flight. I do have to say the use of NASA-moonwalk-type film footage gives this an air of believability those others don't have. This one is pretty scary in places. It's kind of a sad movie. It's like a scary horror film that goes to the moon. I give it a B- because it did scare me a bit, but not a better grade because I thought I had predicted the ending and I didn't. So there.

CONTAGION - Lots of good actors, not much character development... we get a few glimpses into Matt Damon's and Laurence Fishburne's characters, and maybe Jude Law's, but that's about it... and there are LOTS of characters in this one, a high-profile director (Steven Soderbergh), etc. Hey, it's a disaster movie, so we shouldn't expect too much substance, right? 8-) But there is some. And I have to admit it's a scary scenario, and one that will eventually be more likely to happen than not. I give it a B... I didn't care for it all that much, but it seems like a reasonably realistic film, and there are enough aspects of the human condition examined (greed and hubris in particular) that causes me to think it's not just your average disaster film. I can't wait for some of the right-wingers to start bleating about this one ("The government has enlisted Hollywood to scare more people into getting flu shots nobody needs this winter!" "Matt Damon is out to turn our country communist!" Etc. etc. LOL!)


Blogger Tom Harper said...

I haven't seen any of those 3 movies; Source Code sounds good and I'll probably add it to my NetFlix queue. Funny you should mention the Blair Witch Project. I thought that movie was hilarious, which wasn't their intention. When the movie was current, I remember a coworker saying she wished the characters would hurry up and get killed because they were so obnoxious.

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