Wednesday, October 13, 2004


I was very satisfied with John Kerry's performance in the third and final presidential debate this evening. While Bush did get smarmy/smaltzy near the end (and probably scored some points with lower-IQ undecided voters by doing so), Kerry seemed to be in good command of his information and I thought he was more composed. I was very pleased with his comment about not wanting to legislate his beliefs. Although I think he's still a bit vague on some things, I believe Kerry has given enough specifics about his positions on issues that the undecided voters now have good information with which to work. By contrast, Bush didn't have as many new things to say, and continued to overuse the cliches he has been trained to parrot.

After finding out more about the Democratic ticket, let's hope the undecided American voters are ready to try somebody different:

- a president who is willing to consider more than one side of an issue
- a president who will make informed decisions
- a president who will follow through on his promise to cut the deficit
- a president who will at least attempt to narrow the gap between rich and poor
- a president who will preserve Social Security instead of turning the money over to Wall Street
- a president who will create more jobs and who will raise the minimum wage
- a president who wants accountability in education AND who will fund educational programs
- a president who favors the people, not large corporations, in healthcare matters
- a president who actually wants an energy policy that isn't based only on using oil until it's gone
- a president who will preserve the Constitution and what it stands for (no amendments)
- a president who will strengthen our borders against terrorists
- a president who chose an energetic, positive running mate
- a president who will preserve 2nd Amendment rights AND one who will ban assault weapons
- a president who will work to provide a fair playing field for women and minorities
- a president who will not misuse our military by spreading it out too much
- a president who will not lead our country into pre-emptive war
- a president who will not use our military for non-military purposes, such as acquiring oil
- a president who will go after Osama Bin Laden more effectively than Bush has
- a president who will attempt to rein in nukes rather than develop more of them
- a president who will stand up to special interests
- a president who wants our country to be a friend to the nations of the world
- a president who will respect the U.N. and not dismiss it as "irrelevant"
- a president with genuine respect for the military, because... he has been there
- a president who will listen to his military advisers
- a president who will operate in an environment of openness, not secrecy
- a president who will not use fear to control the American people
- a president who will actually work with the opposing party
- a president who is intelligent enough that he doesn't need a crooked "Svengali" like Karl Rove
- a president who will protect our country more effectively than Bush will
- a president who is curious about things, who is well-read, and who values knowledge

We're not talking about "president" Bush... we're talking about



Blogger Mark said...

That was a great effective post. I do think Kerry was very clear tonight, and hope if elected he can be the president that you described.

11:37 PM  
Blogger Snave said...

Thanks, GM... I sure hope so too!!

12:26 AM  

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