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I came across a very interesting weblog recently. It's at The content is as extremely right-wing as my content is extremely left-wing. The following is a comment I posted to that weblog, and I thought it would also be appropriate to post it here. The author spoke about helping defeat George Soros by exposing churches which were hosting events. You can read the post for yourself at that blogsite. Here are my thoughts:

Firstly, while I disagree with most of the opinions you express in your weblog, I must let you know that I enjoy reading your posts! Part of being "fair and balanced" is having a willingness to not just pay lip service to the other side's point of view, but to actually try and consider where the right wing is coming from. I like to read what "the other guys" are saying, as it helps me to build talking points for my discussions with folks of the GOP persuasion. You are very dedicated to your causes, you write well, and you have set a good example for the rest of us: get busy and support your candidate! Thanks for spurring me to get away from the computer and go out to campaign for John Kerry!

While I do agree that Houses of the Lord shouldn't be hosting, I have to wonder about other folks who get lots of airtime in America's churches... like some of the pastors. A fellow Democrat and co-worker of mine is what I would call true rarity these days. He is a left-winger who attends a foursquare fundamentalist church, and he participates in a men's group there. He told me they were all celebrating and praying because one of the congregation's youngsters had registered to vote Republican... at the pastor's urging. Hallelujah... So much for the "separation of church and state", eh? The issue seems to cut both ways, i.e left AND right.
If we are to pick on the more moderate or progressive churches (i.e. Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopal) why not call many of the Christian fundamentalist churches on the amount of right-wing political bias present in their houses of worship? I have yet to understand how some people can use the words of hope found in the Bible to instill such fear in so many people. I guess if certain types want to stay in power, fear is a great tool for accomplishing that goal, as it appeals not to reason but to the most basic emotions.

Would Jesus want to be affiliated with any particular political party in today's America? I would have to think "No", that he would above that. If the conservatives really want to follow His example, maybe the GOP could adopt more of the principles brought forth in the Beatitudes for the party platform. Before you jump to criticize me, read the Beatitudes again. The Gospel can truly be enlightening! Jesus wasn't into urging people to be afraid; at least I don't believe He was when He told us to "Consider the lilies of the field. They neither sweat nor toil nor spin." I do not pretend to be a Biblical know-it-all, but if He was telling us to not worry because God is in control, then why do so many people today who claim to know Him urge so many others they know to be afraid of John Kerry and the Democrats? This seems to be nothing more than crass politicization of the Good Book.

As for George Soros, I don't mind that he is there to be a Sugar Daddy for the Democrats. The Demos don't have very many Sugar Daddies, after all. The GOP has so many of the very rich providing financial backing that I don't see why Democrats can't have at least a few well-to-do types giving assistance. I like to see a level playing field, and I think the presence of George Soros has helped matters this year. Those who would like to see a one-party political system in America will likely do anything they can to get Soros out of the picture, but I believe having him there gives hope for the future of bipartisan politics in our country... It helps many of us realize that yes, this is America, and we shouldn't have to feel afraid when it comes to expressing our beliefs and opinions, particularly when it comes to George W. Bush.


Blogger ALa said...

I thought I'd post here what I answered to you over at my place (in case you missed it there):

ALa71 said...

Snave: Hello & Welcome...I enjoyed reading your comment--and I have no problem with inspiring you to campaign for Kerry. I have said often that I respect a die-hard liberal that reads and votes way more than an 'undecided' (could there really be such an animal) or someone that doesn't give a shit & has never voted. So get out there and's always fun and you do meet great like-minded people.
Ok, as for the church thing (and I say this seriously) I have gone to 'Born-again' churches (not sure if that is what people mean by evangelical) my entire life. I have been to Baptist, Presbyterian and non-Denominational churches. I can HONESTLY say that I have never heard politics discussed in the church. (Now, I haven't been to church in over 7 years -so I am not sure what happens now --that story is for another post) I have heard people talk about issues (pro-life being #1). But what non-church goers may not realize is these churches are not cheerleading sessions for GOP candidiates. NOTHING is ever good enough for the far religious right. NOTHING. You'll ask..."Do you think all the Christians will turn out for Bush this year since they didn't in 200?"
"Well he really hasn't done enough about abortion..."
"What? He got partial birth abortion out-lawed and signed into law Lacie & Conner's law...he is the first President to ever put a restriction on Roe V. Wade!"
"Well, Roe V. Wade is still legal isn't it?"

This is the reality...I know those on the left think that the Evangelicals love GWB --but they don't. He's a Methodist and not quite Conservative enough for me, i have had many a fight about this. Until a President is Jerry Falwellesque that contingency won't be happy... I went to a very strict Christian school -where you could get expelled for SMELLING LIKE SMOKE (not even actually caught smoking!) and my Adv. Bio teacher had a 'Clinton' sign in his classroom.

As for no sugar daddies on the left...Pleeeeease. THK -billionaire. Oprah -billionaire. Bill Gates -billionaire. Georgey Soros -billionaire. Every Celebrity in Hollywood...Every Musician...
I think the 527s have really evened the playing field for the left (which is ironic since they were the ones always screaming for campaign finance reform...)

Anyway, thanks for the feedback...and may the best man win! :)

"Does anyone know where I can get me a huntin' license?" John F. Kerry

....what did that goose ever do to anyone? lol....
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ALa71 said...

Snave: I just saw that you are an SLP...that's so great. An occupation I have come to respect GREATLY over the past two I wade through unfamiliar waters of having a soon-to-be-four-year-old loosely diagnosed with apraxia...Our SLP has seen us through the denial, the tears and the road to success with an open heart and an always ready shoulder! I love that you guys have the gift of enabling children to feel whole again and to have a chance to 'fit in'..thank you!
5:57 PM

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Blogger Snave said...

Thanks much for your kind comments! And oops, I forgot about Hollywood. How convenient of me!! 8-)>

I'm sure your SLP knows which way to go, but if you have questions I'm always happy to share what knowledge I may or may not have!

3:43 PM  
Blogger Lizzy said...

Excellent post.

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Blogger Hoots said...

Very well said. You should write more. And you are correct about the alliance between evangelical churches and the president. In-your-face political commentary is not normally aired from the pulpits, but only because of the tacit assumption that it is not necessary. And if I have heard the term "liberal" used as invective once, I have heard it a thousand times.

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