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I read a comment on another blog and an angry right-winger asserted the following about left-wingers and about our current state of affairs:

Taxes and welfare are what keep people in poverty.
"Economy - Government kills it with overspending (Republicans) and taxes (Democrats). And the Democrats tax AND spend."
The budget - there never was a surplus. The deficit is largely the GOP's fault but the Dems "only want spending stopped on the War on Terro and defense. Everything else, the Dems are still crying for more spending."
"Iraq - This IS the war on terror. I'll tell you traitorous cowards one more time..." etc.

I wrote such a long blatherous comment there that I figured I might want to share it here too:

The Republicans DON'T tax and then they SPEND SPEND SPEND. Doesn't the word "bankrputcy" cause any shivers of fear to course down the GOP's collective spine, it it indeed has a spine? If it did, it would keep its president in check instead of giving him carte blanche with the country's money. He is leaving a huge mess for his successor to deal with, and he won't give a hoot because he'll be hanging out in Crawford or Kennebunkport having a beer and watching ballgames. While he enjoys his cushy retirement, the country will probably be suffering in the international community from an economic disaster here at home.

I haven't paid much attention to the welfare issue lately, other than to know Clinton gave lots of conservatives what they wanted by starting welfare reform. What has Bush done about continuing welfare reform, or has he been too busy clearing brush at Crawford or working on war plans?

The Democrats want increased spending on Homeland Security, if I'm not mistaken. The president and his friends created the department, but they don't seem to waht to give it all the money it needs to make our ports and borders safe. I would have rather seen more money going into that first... than being spent on military adventures abroad. If we are so concerned about the safety of Americans, why hasn't a heck of a lot more been done to make us safer here at home? I guess the money is being funneled into the war.

And I have never seen solid evidence that the war in Iraq IS the war on terror. The war on terror is a nebulous concept. The war on terror is eternal, never-ending. It can't end, because how can we be sure the guy next door to us isn't a terrorist? We sure can't kill off every Muslim on earth. This makes me think of McCarthy and his thing about the Communists.

So what IS the war on terror, and how can it possibly be won? I will say that the war in Iraq HAS drawn a number of terrorist types from around the world to fight against American troops. That could be a good thing, because there is no-one better to physically fight them than American troops. But for every one of those guys coming to Iraq, there is probably another one entering America, trying get some deadly weapon into our country and trying to find a way to cause another disaster of unimaginable proportions on American soil.

The typical GOP solution to a problem is to cut off the branches of the sick tree, rather than getting at the roots. The president is noble in his assertion that freedom is essential for the world. I have to question his methods of spreading it.

So, how do we win this war on terror? If we keep on cutting taxes there will be a lot less money with which to do it, and our everyday life will suffer here in the US because war will be the priority. Of course starving the beast of big government by taking away the money is what Bush and friends are after anyway. By running up the deficit, maybe we can get rid of all those left-wing programs. Then, once the memory of FDR is erased, we can put Reagan on Mt. Rushmore or bury him in the empty tomb beneath the capital rotunda! Heh...


Blogger Lizzy said...

Excellent reply. It always blows me away when I read the rants of the right-wing. How can they believe their own rhetoric while everything is crumbling around them?

This also brings to mind a great bumper sticker I saw recentley: Terrorism is a symptom, not the disease.

7:00 AM  
Blogger Tonto said...

You hit on the same thing I was talking about elsewhere too.

I am pretty conservative but no republican...and one of the reason is...I cannot understand how a party can scream about morality in the public square...but then doesn't reflect that in their lawmaking?

They want to take stuff away or deny rights to people to promote morality, but when was the last time the republicans gave anything back and put forth an idea to deal with poverty and the is that not moral?

Like the comedian I can't remember the name of said, "the democrats are a party of bad ideas and the Republicans are the party of no ideas."

In general I agreed with what you said. it is almost comical that either party dare criticize each others tax and spend records ...has either party ever spent and taxed as they said they would? Probably not. So I stopped paying attention and look to something else to tell us if they are doing a good job. Because like you said each president inherits the last mess and that has more to do with the way they spend or tax then what they say they are going to do.

8:01 AM  
Blogger Snave said...

Thanks for the bumper sticker, Lizzy, that's a good one!

And serious thanks Georgina, for finishing that last thought of mine when you said "each president inherits the last mess and that has more to do with the way they spend or tax then what they say they are going to do." Can I quote you on that from time to time? It really did complete what I was trying to say.

I fear that if a Democrat wins in 2008, he or she might not have any choice but to try and raise money to get us out of the steadily-worsening mess we're in. It wouldn't necessarily mean raising taxes, but it could mean continuing to cut government programs. Some of those could certainly be trimmed for efficiency, but there are many which I would hate to see eliminated altogether.

8:30 AM  
Blogger Tonto said...

Thanks...I am glad you agree..I thought you and I were thinking on the same page.

I think your fear is correct. The next one is going to be in a real pickle. I live in California where the cuts have been endless because Arnie will not raise taxes...which defies logic because there is no way to really get us out of this mess.

So I can only imagine what is going to happen at the federal level when Bush is out of office. Raising taxes sucks and so does war which Bush doesn't have a problem paying for and no matter what we are going to pay for both now or later...

9:22 AM  
Blogger Ms Liberty said...

By running up the deficit, maybe we can get rid of all those left-wing programs. You hit the nail on the head. Now whether the repigs succeed in destroying all assistance/social programs or not is up to us. Keep fighting!

11:53 AM  

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