Monday, April 04, 2005


The following was taken from the website. It does not entirely represent my views, and in fact I think it lays those who created it wide open for the same kind of flaying the left gives the right for being "black-and-white" in the way things are viewed.

Nontheless, if the following is looked at as a set of general tendencies, with acknowledgement that there are always exceptions to the rule, then... it makes a point. I think the point it makes to me, that is, there isn't much difference between Osama bin Laden and the neoconservatives when it comes to certain things, is valid. While the two cultures are radically different, the force of fundamentalism which drives both Osama and the neocons may be frighteningly similar.

Feel free to comment about your thoughts on the following:

Issue - Liberal Position - Osama bin Laden Position - NeoConservative Position

Abortion Rights - Favors - Opposes - Opposes
Mandatory Prayer in School - Opposes - Favors - Favors
Separation of Church & State - Favors - Opposes - Opposes
Censorship - Opposes - Favors - Favors
Pre-emptive Attacks - Opposes - Favors - Favors
Interpretation of Religious Scripture - Not Literal - Literal - Literal
Women's Rights - Favors - Opposes - Opposes
Death with Dignity - Favors - Opposes - Opposes
Theory of Evolution - Accepts - Rejects - Rejects
Invasion of Iraq - Opposed - Favored - Favored
Interest on Loans - Supports Fair Interest Rates - Opposes All Interest - Opposes Any Limits on Interest
United Nations - Supports - Opposes - Opposes
Gay Rights - Favors - Opposes - Opposes
Contraceptives - Favors - Opposes - Opposes
Sex Education - Favors - Opposes - Opposes
Severe Penalties for Drug Us - Opposes - Favors - Favors
Corporal Punishment - Opposes - Favors - Favors
Thinks There is Only One TRUE God - No - Yes - Yes
Dissent = Disloyalty - Disagrees - Agrees - Agrees
Torture - Opposes - Favors - Favors
Death Penalty - Opposes - Favors - Favors
Execution of Mentally Ill and Children - Opposes - Favors - Favors
Detention Without Trial - Opposes - Favors - Favors


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That's a good list. I think I will send it to my dad.

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