Saturday, October 30, 2010


Because it is likely to end on any given weekend during the next six weeks, I am enjoying the Oregon Ducks' run while it lasts.

Tonight they pasted USC 53-32 in Los Angeles. People who say the Ducks are still unproven and have not faced any tough opponents need to realize this: Oregon has indeed faced some tough opponents... the Ducks have simply been so much better so far that the worthy opponents have looked, well... not so great.

USC and Stanford have been quality opponents for Oregon, and the Ducks dominated both those teams.

What's coming up for the Ducks? Next is the University of Washington, and that will be a home game for Oregon at Autzen Stadium in Eugene. I am not sure how Oregon will lose that one, as the Huskies have a very average team this season. The Cal Bears are pretty average too, but that game happens a week later in Berkeley, CA... so it might not be easy. Oregon has a bye for the weekend of November 20, and then they face the #15 Arizona Wildcats, always a tough opponent. That game is in Eugene, and I think Oregon ought to do well.

That brings us to the Civil War game against Oregon State, which is in Corvallis this year. The Beavers have not had a particularly good defense, but as is their tendency under coach Mike Riley, they are wildly unpredictable. Going into today's game, their defense ranked 119th out of 120 NCAA teams, yet today they nearly shut out Cal in a 35-7 win. I am not sure how OSU can shut down Oregon's offense, but they will be ready for the Ducks... they always are!

Can Oregon run the table and end the year 12-0? Yes. Will they? Who knows! But like I said, I'm enjoying their #1 ranking while I can, hoping it will continue, but knowing full well how easily it can evaporate... so, one game at a time!!


Blogger T. Paine said...

I truly would like to see Oregon State be U of O's only loss this season. If I were to predict with my mind instead of my heart, I suspect the evil Ducks will prevail, but one never knows!

I am very glad to see the Ducks thump Satan's team though!(USC) :)

10:25 AM  
Blogger Snave said...

Thanks, T. It is good to know there are some Beaver fans out there who would cheer for the Ducks once in a while. I like to support the Beavers unless they are playing U of O.

The Ducks? Evil? Heh! I think THAT title goes to the team the Ducks play next Saturday! LOL

10:29 AM  
Blogger J. Marquis said...

I'd love to the Ducks play Oklahoma for the national title. I have a friend at work who's an obnxious Sooner fan and if my team beat his it would be just so very awesome.

12:21 PM  
Blogger Snave said...

I am a gracious Duck fan when it comes to the Beavers. I actually like OSU, and I cheer for them unless they are playing the Ducks. That said, I know a lot of Beaver fans who are not gracious in a reciprocal way. So I always tell people that the Civil War is my bowl game every single year. There is NOTHING more important than in-state superiority and bragging rights! LOL!

Well, this year there might be more at stake that just that.

But for the abuse I take from my OSU friends, sometimes good-natured but more often not, my great hope every year is that the Ducks will grind the Beavs into the turf.

OSU can go 11-1 every single year, and I will be happy with it as long as the lone loss is at the hands of the beloved (not evil!) Ducks! 8-)

As for the Sooners, I cheer against ANY team whose coach is named STOOPS, ERICKSON or NEUHEISEL. So that includes Oklahoma, Arizona, Arizona State and UCLA! 8-)

7:59 PM  

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