Saturday, July 17, 2004

Have you seen "Fahrenheit 9-11"?

I haven't seen the movie yet.  I will probably get the opportunity later this month when I am in the city.  The town in which I live is a "heartland" kind of place, an area with a red-state Republicana aura.  This makes the town a great place to grow up, live, and raise kids even if I find that my political views aren't widely accepted.  Anyway, I e-mailed the local theater to request the showing of "Fahrenheit", and they responded by saying it is difficult for them to acquire independent films due to the nature of their contracts with film distributors.  While that may be well and good, I think if they really wanted to make money they would attempt to get the film to our town.  Why not try it for a week?  The theater would probably be packed.  I know that even with this being a conservative area, there are plenty of folks here who don't trust Bush.  There are even a lot of Republicans for whom he doesn't speak.  (Does he really speak?)
Those of you who have seen the movie:  what did you think?  I would be curious to know!  Please send some comments, positive preferred but negative also welcome! 


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