Saturday, October 23, 2004


My favorite debate moment by far was when the candidates were asked: "Name three mistakes you've made." I watched the debates on C-Span in order to get the split-screen view of the candidates (and to avoid the post-debate spin.)

Bush made a comment about how maybe he shouldn't have hired certain people in his administration, but that he wasn't going to say their names on TV because he didn't want to hurt their feelings. The response was followed by a smirky little smile, or a chuckle. I don't know that he was making light of the question, but it rather seemed that way.

Bush's face was then neutral as Kerry began speaking. Kerry spoke of how he thought he might have been mistaken in some of the ways he has spoken about the war. At that comment, Dubya's face lit up in an inane smile, as if he thought Kerry was stepping into some kind of trap. Kerry then went on to say that while he might have made some mistakes, there have been no mistakes as grave as Bush going to war in Iraq. At that remark, Bush whirled toward Kerry, his face suddenly glowing with anger. It was only a brief instant, but I caught what looked like the beginnings of a very unstable little outburst... which Bush contained, to his credit.

I have two teenagers. One is very sweet, very bright, very independent-minded and somewhat difficult to deal with at times... in short, she is stubborn. From that perspective, I thought the debates sounded like a stubborn teenager (Bush) stating opinions as facts (and thereby trying to aggravate the adult), with a wise adult (Kerry) responding in mostly-measured tones.

I don't know about you, but I want the wise adult, not the stubborn teenager, running the country.


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