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Blogger Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

True. I'd be saying the same about the opposite if it were a Democrat White House and Congress. Too much power in the hand of one party is, well... Look around.

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Blogger Snave said...

Thanks, Lizzy!

Right on MC. I actually believe it is a good thing to have strength in both major parties, if we have to have a two-party system. I am not sure it would be good for our country if the Dems controlled the House, Senate and White House either, as the GOP currently does. When one party is in total control, I think there is a tendency to overreach and get the country into trouble. Even when one party isn't in total control but suddenly gains control of the House, Senate or White House, this tends to happen. A prime example was the GOP takeover of the House in 1994... those guys were like kids in a candy store. They wanted it all, and they wanted it right now (or then, as the case may be!)

What would a Democratic House do in the two years from 06 to 08? My hope is that the Democrats do gain control of the House, but that there is no attempt at impeachment or anything major other than a possible probe or two. They can keep the pressure on Bush and the Republicans without becoming a bunch of angry attack dogs.

I think the best plan of action would simply be to block Bush during his final two years from going further than he has in his six years so far. Then in 08 maybe the Democrats could brag about helping get the country back on track and maybe getting things more unified. It's all about image, and if Democrats try to impeach Bush, just watch the GOP spin it to their advantage... the Democrats will become the "party of impeachment" and be cast in a negative light for trying to "hurt our country during a time of war", etc., whether or not starting the impeachment process would have merit. Better to prosecute Bush after he is out of office and keep him under control with some good old checks and balances until then, as it would be better for PR.

For now, the GOP's "cut and run" crap phrase is going to be hard to overcome, as Rove and his pals are already getting the smear campaigns into high gear. I hold on to the hope that Americans will start to see through that kind of bullshit, but sometimes I seriously wonder how much more we will bear before doing something about it.

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