Sunday, November 14, 2010

10-0... WILL IT LAST?

Still having a great time as an Oregon Duck football fan. Two more conference games to go, one at home against Arizona, and the final game in Corvallis against Oregon State.

Oregon barely got past Cal in Berkeley last night 15-13, but they did what they had to win the game. Cal controlled the game at the line of scrimmage, which is something that has not happened to the Ducks all season. And Oregon got lucky when Cal's kicker Tavecchia stutter-stepped during his approach on a successful field goal that put Cal ahead 16-15... but Cal was penalized for the missteps and the field goal didn't count. Tavecchia missed his second attempt and the score remained 15-13. Then the Ducks masterfully ran off a huge chunk of time at the end of the game to preserve the win.

Oregon's detractors are going to salivate because this game exposed some of Oregon's vulnerabilities and to them, this will mean Oregon will lose its last two games. To them, I say a win is a win. Oregon won at Cal, and they are still unbeaten. And they still need to take things one week at a time.

I wish I could say the Oregon State Beavers won yesterday too, but they were beaten in Corvallis by the Pac-10 Conference doormats, Washington State, 31-14. Oregon State's season seems to be going in the opposite direction from Oregon's. The Beavers are now 4-5, with three very difficult games ahead. They play USC next weekend in Corvallis; somehow they always seem to upend the Trojans at Reser Stadium, so I'll go with them to pull off the upset. In two weeks though, they have to go to Palo Alto to play Stanford. Then December 4, it is the Civil War game against Oregon.

While there is a very chance Oregon could end the regular season 12-0, Oregon State could very well end the year 4-8 and with no bowl appearance. I am hoping the Beavers can win their next two games against USC and Stanford to make themselves bowl-eligible with 6 wins, but then of course I hope they get stomped by Oregon in the season finale.

Again, like everyone else, Oregon needs to take things one week at a time. They don't play next weekend, which allows them lots of time to prepare for Arizona on 11/26. It will be a good game, as Arizona has a good defense and also has QB Nick Foles back from a knee injury. It will be higher-scoring than 15-13, but it might be as close as a couple of points!

That is the same day Boise State plays perhaps its toughest conference opponent, Nevada, in Reno. That ought to be a good game too.


Blogger T. Paine said...

I am glad that the evil Ducks beat Cal. And sorry to say, Snave, but I do indeed hope that Oregon State has the moxy to upset U of O and give them their only loss of the season this year.

My heart wishes it, but my head says don't count on it. ;)

8:19 AM  
Blogger J. Marquis said...

So, any predictions on what happens after the regular season ends? Do the Ducks play in the BCS championship game and who would they play? I'm a little naive on this college playoff stuff...

5:33 PM  
Blogger Snave said...

If only major college football had an actual playoff... 8-)

I'm not sure, but I THINK what happens is the top ten BCS teams get BCS bowl games. The top two teams would play for the title, of course... I'm not sure how they decide it after that.

I have to think that unless the Ducks lose both their remaining games they would be in that BCS mix.

If Oregon and Auburn both win out, they would play for the title. I feel bad for Boise State (sort of! LOL) because there is a chance they could end up unbeaten and still not be in the title game... Auburn or Alabama or LSU or someone still might edge them out in the BCS standings due to the Broncos' relatively weak schedule.

6:33 PM  
Blogger Dave Splash said...

They definitely need a college playoff situation. Wholeheartedly agree.

12:49 PM  

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