Friday, February 11, 2005


I love acronyms. One of my current favorites is POTUS, which is short for President Of The United States. It is sometimes extended to POTUSA, with the A for America.

I think there are some other acronyms applicable to the government and politics. There could be a nearly infinite number of these for shortening official titles and names of programs. Here are 129 of 'em I created just for you, plus several others... Feel free to add to the list!

1. ABC - Always Blame Clinton (I think that one has already been used elsewhere)
2. PENIS - President's Errant National-International Strategies
3. POOP - Presidential Office Of Prevarication, or Presidential Office Of Propaganda
4. PISS - Presidential International Strategy of Stupidity
5. ANUS - American Nuke Use Supporters
6. ARSE - AM Radio Sucks Excessively
7. HOLE - Homeland Office of Lax Enforcement
8. DOOFUS - Director Of Our Free United States (this acronym could be substituted for POTUS)
9. KOA - King Of America
10. DOT - Department Of Tyranny
11. DORK - Director Of Ridiculing Korea
12. DORF - Director Of Ridiculing France
13. DORM - Director Of Ridiculing the Mid-East
14. DORE - Director Of Ridiculing Europe
15. DOOR - Director Of Outraging Russia
16. DOOM - Director Of Ousting Moderates
17. OAF - Office of American Freedom
18. SOFT - Secretary Of Fighting Terrorism
19. SOS - Secretary Of State, also Save Our Ship
20. BOAR - Bureau Of Awful Republicans
21. BORE - Bureau of Republican Education
22. FARCE - Free Americans Receiving a Conservative Education
23. OOPS - Office Of Political Strategery
24. COPTIC - Chief Of Pandering To Inept Conservatives
25. SEX - Secretary for Education on Xenophobia
26. D'OH - Department Of Homophobia
27. DODO - Department Of Departmental Offices
28. BIG - the "Bureaucracy Is Great" program
29. SLANT - the "Spending Like America has No Tomorrow" program
30. GAG - the "Growing America's Government" program
31. DOSE - Department Of Spending Excessively
32. DOGMA - Department Of Gross Misinformation in America
33. GROSS - Getting Rid Of Social Security
34. DDD - Democrat Defamation Department
35. RUSH - Radio Undersecretary of Sleazy Hooey
36. HURL - Horrible, Ugly Rush Limbaugh
37. FIAT - FOX Is A Thug
38. ACID - Anne Coulter Is Daft
39. FOX - the "Fomenters Of Xenophobia" program
40. SHIT - Sean Hannity Is Treasonous
41. CHOTA - Creepiness Happening On The Airwaves
42. BUSH - Belligerent Undermining of Secular Humanism
43. NCLB - No Conservative Left Behind
44. BAA!! - Belittling America's Atheists!!
45. BOSS - Bill O'Reilly Sucks Shit
46. BILE - Brit Is Lying Excessively
47. PPP - the "President Paying Pundits" program
48. ALARM - Americans Lobbying Against Rupert Murdoch
49. PIGS - Politicians In Government Systems
50. RIBBED - Rove Is the Brains Behind Executive Decisions
51. SOOT - Secretary Of Offing Terrorists
52. NAAPC - National Association for the Advancement of Political Correctness
53. NASCAR - Not A 'Specially Cool American Ritual
54. The LIAR program - "The Lord Is A Republican" program
55. CHRISTIAN - the "Conservatives Have Religious Interests Sowing Trouble In the American Nation" program
56. RAJAH - Republicans Aren't Jesus' only Adored Humans
57. FEAR - Fools Energizing America's Republicans
58. TOOL - The Office Of Lying (as in "a tool from TOOL")
59. BRAT - Bureau of Republican Anti-Truths (as in "a brat from BRAT")
60. RAT - Republicans Against Truth (and "a rat from RAT", of course)
61. RATIO - Republicans Agree, Truth Is Overrated
62. GLAD - the "Governmental Largess And Disinformation" program
63. LORD - the "Letting Only Republicans Decide" program
64. AGLOW - American Government Leaving Out Women
65. CRACK - Christian Reconstructivists Are Coming! Kneel!
66. Oh, CRAP - Oh, Christian Republicans Are Persecuted!
67. Don't SPAR! - Don't Stop Persecuting America's Republicans!
68. AHA! - Americans Hastening Armageddon!
69. WARP - Weird-Ass Republican President
70. ONANISM - Only Neocons Allowed Near Internal Security Matters
71. DARE - Dealing with America's Republican Elite
72. TURD - The Undersecretary of Republican Discipline
73. FAD - the "Forgetting American Democracy" program
74. BRIEFS - Bush Reiterates: Evidence Is For Sissies
75. WOMB - Weapons Of Mass Bumbling
76. NAFTA - Not About Freedom, Truth or Accuracy
77. PUS - Pitying the Un-Saved
78. LAY - Lying to American Youth
79. LAYER - Luring America's Youth to the Evangelical Right
80. TEA - Theocratic Education Association
81. DOTARD - Dirtiest Of Tricks Are Republican-Designed
82. CYST - Conniving, Yammering, Sneaky Theocrats
83. TARD - Theocrats Are Republican Draftees (I don't like the word "tard", but felt I needed to connect it to theocrats somehow.)
84. CALM! - Conservative Alarm: "Liberal Media"!
85. SARS - Simple American Red States
86. ABORT - Anal Bush Obsesses on Republican Tactics
87. ASPCA - American Society for the Prevention of Conservative Assholes
88. POFPOTUSA - President Of Fifty-One Percent Of The USA
89. POHTUSA - President Of Half The USA
90. PORSUSA - President Of Red State USA
91. OverHOUSE - Over Half Of Us Suck Eggs
92. NAMBLA - Not in America's Mainstream, Bush Lunges Ahead
93. KRAFT - Knee-jerk Reactions Are For Tories
94. HEIL - Hating Education and Ignoring Literacy
95. CALM - Conservative Americans Legislating Morality
96. BUM - Bush's Unfunded Mandate
97. STIFF - Squandering Americans' Income For Foolery
98. HARD - Heartless American Republican Dictators
99. UFF DA - Unimaginative Fault Finding with Democrats of America
100. HITLER - House Investigative Team is Lax on Elite Republicans
101. NEWT - Nutcase, Ever Without Thought
102. CO-ED - Committee On Environmental Destruction
103. BOA - Big Oil Administration
104. BOOB - Big Oil Operates Bush
105. NORMAL - No Oppression! (Read My Asinine Lips!)
106. DOLT - Department Of Loser Theology
107. CONAN - Chairman Of National Arts Neglect
108. ADAPT - Americans Defunding Arts Programs Thoroughly
109. CPA - Conservative Prudes of America
110. GOP - Greedy Old Parasites (I didn't create this one)
111. GOP - Grumpy Old Poops (same with this one)
112. SUAVE - Severely Underestimating American Voters' Intelligence
113. IDIOT - Irreversible Damage In Our Times
114. CHIMP - Clever Human Impersonator, Maybe President
115. SMIRK - Shady Money Is Republican Know-how
116. SWAGGER - Some Wonks Are GOP Generators of Excessive Refuse
117. SAD - Sucks At Debates
118. SORRY - Sick Of Raging Republican Yammering (so tell a Republican you're sorry, but use all CAPS when writing the word!)
119. BLUE - Bush Leaves Us Excrement
120. ACT - Angry Conservative Tedium
121. RIPE - Rove Is Public Enemy
122. FART - Forget Any Republican Talk
123. FART! - Fantastic! A Republican on Trial!
124. NOOGIE - Neocons Own Our Government, Irritate Everyone
125. SNIP - Situating Neocons In Prison
126. CART - Conservatives Are Reluctant Taxpayers
127. MOCHA - Making Other Countries Horribly Angry
128. MUFF - Messing Up in Foreign aFfairs
129. FLIP FLOP - Floundering Lackeys Inciting Paranoia, Fueling Lawlessness, Offering Poison
130. FAR - Forgetting the American Republic
131. the POMPOUS - Party Of Money and of Power Over U.s. Simpletons
132. FRITOS - Freaky Republicans In The Old South

Now, it's YOUR turn!


Blogger J. Marquis said...

NO SPIN- National Office Secret Propaganda Intelligence Nitwits

6:09 PM  
Blogger Sheryl said...

Just 2 days ago, I was playing with what BUSH might stand for.


Bureaucratic Unamerican Stupid Homophobe

Here, I'll think up some others (feel free to improve them):


Callous Hatemongering Eccentric Nerdy Evil Yes man


Rat-fink Unfeeling Mean Sadistic Fighter Ever Lacking Decency


Rogue Obfuscating Virtually Everything

2:38 PM  
Blogger Damien said...

No wonder our work PC locked out your site, I thought for a second you had shifted to hard core porn themed content, the problem has since been addressed. I'm racking my feeble coffee fueled brain, i shall return.

4:39 PM  
Blogger Snave said...

Great additions to the list so far! Thanks to those who have contributed.

I know it's only Monday, but we all need to remember that every single Friday is POETS day... which stands for Piss On Everything, Tomorrow's Saturday!

8:43 AM  

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