Monday, February 14, 2005


Your eyes too close, your impish smirk
Your macho cowboy swagger...
Each time I see you on TV,
I feel a twisting dagger.

I'm so glad you have Karl Rove
To fix your mangled words
So everything that you might say
Is the Blossom of his Turds.

Cut SS? Cut Medicare?
Thanks, but don't cut either.
Cut the taxes, keep on spending?
We wish you would do neither.

Your way with words, your manner bold,
Your concrete way of thinking...
It's just about enough to drive
The rest of the world to drinking.

Your presidency so malign,
Is as a rampant tumor.
The only silver lining is
You lend yourself to humor.

And so I'll joke at your expense
And hope you'll take your knocks,
While more than half of Americans
Have blindest faith in FOX.

Dubya Dear, you warm my heart,
You fill me with desire
That someday soon, ALL Americans
Will admit that you're a liar.

And Cheney, he might do his best
With Rice, et al a-workin'
To hide the fact they pull the strings
While Puppet Dubya's jerkin'.

If there's a God in Heaven,
Then I hope It understands
It needs to come stop Dubya now,
'Ere we attack Iran.

The world will fall like dominos
'Neath Dubya's furrowed brow
As he spreads "freedom" to all lands...
Lest we do something NOW!


Blogger Damien said...

"i'm posting this puppy to friends, on ya snave"

3:00 PM  
Blogger Sheryl said...

I should send it to this chap in Minnesota who got me to write my latest anti-republican song.

Keep on writing 'em, Snave!! :)

I think art is probably more persuasive than direct discussions anyway because it's more indirect, you know? :)

2:56 AM  

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