Sunday, February 27, 2005


I was over at Ms. Liberty's weblog, and posted on her topic about Americans generally disapproving of POTUS' performance. Here is the result, with some embellishments:

Sure it's tough seeing your candidate being defeated by someone like POTUS, but it also must be tough for many Republicans to watch POTUS drive the Republican party into the ground, knowing that with all its distinct factions it is basically held together by threads. The party could start imploding soon if the various factions within it can't get together and put the brakes on POTUS' wild spending and his kowtowing to the theocrats. It appears he is driving the fiscals nuts, and that he is also putting a very nice wedge between the fiscals and the religious right. Lots of the Repubs vote right-wing because of the money thing (preservation of wealth), and others do because they think the GOP is God's ordained party (i.e. Christ is pro-Republican, and he votes!) I'm not sure I see how those two factions can stay together under one tent... they seem like kind of an odd couple somehow.

Keep it up, POTUS, I'm cheering for ya! Good luck trying to be everything to everyone on the right, without taking any of the left wing's views or concerns into consideration. It's not a recipe for success, so I wish you lotsa luck.

A comment was made in that thread about polls being "useless to a true leader"; I disagree with that statement. A true leader will exercise true leadership, which involves examining information from various sources, synthesizing the info, considering various views on the issue, and listening to what the people are saying about it before he makes a decision. I see POTUS doing very little of that.

While I would agree with anyone who says polls should not be the sole determinant of our national policies, I think polls are just one of the many things to which POTUS needs to pay attention in order to become a truly effective leader for all Americans. I don't believe he is, by any stretch of the imagination, an effective leader for all Americans. Maybe for the wealthy and for the theocratic types, but definitely not for all of us, with many Republicans included.

This guy is taking those in his own political party for granted, using fear and religion to weaken them into submission. And he is taking the whole country on one big, expensive ride so he can satisfy his own selfish agenda.

We all need to be vigilant, to pay attention and to beware of the deadly Wolf-POTUS in sheep's clothing. He walks among us!


Blogger Sheryl said...

You know the the word "F├╝hrer" we always hear in these Nazi war films is simply the german word for leader.

That's why I wrote my song "The
Pied Piper of Crawford.

Sure Bush doesn't need any feedback to be a leader, but leading the nation off a cliff is not really the type of leadership I'd prefer from my tax dollars.

4:39 PM  
Blogger Phil said...

I agree that the two political parties make strange bedfellows. For years, southern Bubba has laid next to blue-blood Charles and San Fran Dougie in the democratic bed, with Jessie wanting a spot.

Now the republicans are faced with feuding between the bible thumpers and stock market crowd, while trying to make room for Jose.

My favorite example is that of abortion and the death penalty. In both cases a life is being taken. Both parties endorse it in one case, but oppose it in the other. Where is the logical consistency?

It makes no sense trying to fit such a diverse ranges of ideas into two tents. But that is what we do.

8:50 PM  
Blogger Snave said...

You're right, Phil, re. the death penalty/abortion thing. The right side generally wants the death penalty and doesn't want abortion, the left is generally vice-versa.

I happen to be a lefty who doesn't like abortion used as birth control, but who has no problem with it if it is done in certain dire circumstances, i.e. to save the life of the mother. I don't support the death penalty at all.

12:52 PM  
Blogger Phil said...

I'm the opposite. I support the death penalty. I think it should be reserved for the most serious crimes, unlike it is today. But it still should be an option. I also support abortion. That topic always gets people's blood going.

4:58 PM  

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