Saturday, February 26, 2005


I enjoy procrastinating by spending loads of time taking silly quizzes instead of doing other things I should be doing. Anyway, here are a few things I learned about myself this evening.
According to quiz results from :
My purity profile:
Sexual 52%
Homosexual 38% (???)
Nerdiness 10%
Healthiness 29%
Financial 53%
Criminal 54%
Drug Use 69%
Grossness 88%
I will die at age 76.
I am tending toward "loser" status and need to get help soon.
Although I took many Geography courses in college, including Climatology, I scored at about the 20th percentile re. my knowledge of weather.
Only 26% of people are more spoiled than me.
80% to 90% of people with my educational background (Master's degree) know more than I do about chemistry.
On how much I love money: a slightly less than normal score.
From, my favorite quiz site, my results are as follows:
Given the Religion Selector, my top ones would be Secular Humanism 100% compatible, Unitarian Universalism 96%, Liberal Quakers 86%, Neo-Pagans 80%.
The philosopher with whom I would most agree is apparently Aristotle, according to one quiz. On another, Aristotle was listed as #2, behind Marx!
In my Presidential Mistress quiz, my top results suggested that I would be JFK, and my preferences would be 1. Angie Dickinson, 2. Jayne Mansfield, 3. Marilyn Monroe, 4. Inga Arvad, 5. Judith Campbell Exner.
My Greek God Selector says I would be Apollo, Artemis twin brother. He was a great musician, and the god of truth, light, and healing. #2 on the list is Neptune, the ruler of the sea, and Zeus's brother. He created the first horse, and the first earthquake. He was happily married. He is always seen carrying his trident. #3 is Hephaestus, the only crippled god. He had a deformed leg. He was the fire god. He created all the god's armor and weapons. He was known as being very kind and good natured. He was the blacksmith to the gods.
Of the seven available categories in the Political Belief selector, the survey says I am Left Liberal, followed in order by Socialist, Centrist, Authoritarian, Libertarian, Right Conservative and Reactionary. One Political Ideology selector pegs me as 1. Anarchist, 2. Marxist, 3. Socialist, 4. Progressive, 5. Leninist, 6. U.S. Liberal, 7. U.S. Libertarian, and lastly 8. U.S. Conservative. Another quiz placed me as 1. Liberal, 2. Socialist, and 3. Liberal Populist; and in the bottom three places on that list were 12. Conservative Moderate, 13. Conservative and 14. Conservative Populist. Yet another says I am 1. Liberal "Socialist", 2. American Liberal, 3. Anarcho-Communist, 4. Social Democratic, 5. Marxist.
My Hogwarts house would be Ravenclaw. The rest of them in order would be Slytherin, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff.
In the Middle East Political Opinion selector, I am an Average Israeli. The next best fit for me is Average Palestinian, followed by International Mediator. At the very bottom of my list is Palestinian Suicide Bomber.
My Past President Selector ranks ,y Top 20 presidents as follows: Thomas Jefferson 100, Abraham Lincoln 97, James Monroe 95, John Quincy Adams 92, George Washington 92, James Madison 91, Theodore Roosevelt 90, Franklin Delano Roosevelt 89, Harry S. Truman 89, Dwight D. Eisenhower 85, Lyndon Baines Johnson 85, John F. Kennedy 84, Woodrow Wilson 83, James K. Polk 79, John Adams 79, Ronald Reagan 78, William McKinley 78, Bill Clinton 78, Andrew Jackson 75, Grover Cleveland 75.
My favorite electric guitar would likely be a Paul Reed Smith hollow-body, followed by a Parker Fly, a Paul Reed Smith solid-body, a Gibson Flying V and a Gibson Les Paul.
Of ten Classical Composers listed in one quiz, my top five would be Chopin, followed by Schumann, Schubert, Liszt and Beethoven. And which Classical Composer am I? According to one survey, I am 1. Debussy, 2. Schubert, 3. Beethoven, 4. Schumann or 5. Rachmaninoff. Interestingly enough, Chopin came in last (16th) on that list. My tastes in Classical Music should tend toward 1. Late Romantic, 2. Modern, 3. Classical such as Mozart, 4. Minimalist and 5. Post-Modern.
My Scottish Politics selector says if I lived in Scotland I would be a 1. Scottish Socialist, 2. Scottish Green or 3. Scottish National.
My ideal presidential candidates for 2004, with my compatibility percentages:
So, what did I learn about myself from all the above quizzes? Not much, except that I reinforced the knowledge that I enjoy wasting time sitting at the computer when I could be doing something far more constructive such as housecleaning, playing a musical instrument, paying bills, playing with the cats, or possibly even sleeping. But heck, those sites are fun. Check 'em out, lemme know how you did!


Blogger Busty Wilde said...

I'll take the purity test in a moment, but I first just wanted to say, upon reading your profile, wow! We have many of the same interests and music tastes...and even more in common beyond that. I too have OCD (I take medication and go to therapy regularly for it actually), dislike Republicans, am a Cancer, and I aspire to be a speech pathologist. Right now I'm in this little "break period" between my undergraduate years and going on to grad school, but I think about how much I want to go into speech pathology on a daily basis. I'd love to ask you some questions if that's okay...I probably would have emailed you all of this information, but I didn't see your email address. I guess it's almost like fate that you found my blog and decided to comment! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such nice comments.

11:34 PM  
Blogger Snave said...

No problem! You have a fun site. Feel free to check out some of the stuff in the "archives" on this site, there's better stuff in there than what's recent, IMHO... but I think it's mostly fun here.

First, everyone, Busty Wilde's site "misadventures" at is what got me going on the surveys/quizzes this evening (well, that combined with my OCD and the intake of a fair amount of fine merlot!) Thanks, BW! Your site is fun, and it has the links for the first test site I was at this evening. Thanks for stopping by!

Re. Speech-Language Therapy, it is a very rewarding field. Go for it! I have been in it for about 22 years now. The best thing I have learned from it is that I now know what specific speech impairments the various Looney Tunes characters have, and that Ralph Wiggam of "The Simpsons" is either a "borderline intellectual" or he is thoroughly (globally) language-impaired.

I work with kids ages 5-13 in school settings, and then with adults in a hospital/clinical setting on some days after school. In the past I have also done "early intervention" work with preschoolers. So fire away with your questions! I will answer what I can!

1:47 AM  
Blogger Snave said...

Looking at my quiz results, I have to say nothing really surprises me that much besides the high placements of LBJ and Ronald Reagan in my presidential rankings. In my results, Reagan and Clinton both scored a 78/100! I am mortified.

Occasionally I tell fellow lefties that I would take Ronald Reagan back in a heartbeat over the guy we have in the White House today. They gasp and groan. As much as I disliked Reagan when he was in office, enough so that I was involved in a protest march against his administration, mentioning today's POTUS and Reagan in the same sentence is almost blasphemy against Ronnie.

8:24 AM  
Blogger Sheryl said...

It says I am more homosexual than straight. (That's what I get for kissing my mom goodnight on a regular basis.)

Just for the record, how can I be 54% straight and 55% gay? Together that adds up to 109%, and I didn't answer yes for any of the threesome questions, so bisexualism is not a valid explanation for the extra 9%.

My Purity Report results:

Sexual: 54%, Homosexual: 55%,  Nerdiness: 38%, Healthiness: 2%,  Financial: 10%,  Criminal: 38%, Drug Use: 28%, and Grossness: 53%  

5:42 PM  
Blogger Sheryl said...

Fatal Quiz: 72, Nerd Test: 31 (Nerd Wannabe), Weird Quotient: 93, Loser Score: 75 (Slight Loser), Spoiled Score: 38 (Spoiled, but not too bad), Meteorological Raw Score: 397 (pretty bad score), Skipped the Chem Test, and Money Score: 23 (not very concerned with money) --

I got the impression that these tests were actually marketing surveys. Or at least they were designed more like marketing surveys.

It's funny because most of these tests implied that I was less nerdy/geeky than most, and yet I normally am told that I am nerdy in surveys. Go figure.

7:11 PM  
Blogger Busty Wilde said...

Back to other random stuff we have in common - we both have the same weird, random question in our profiles. How random! It's like we're on the same wavelength of energy or something.

1:09 AM  
Blogger Snave said...

Well, BW... you may be onto something there. Not only do we have the same question, but the answers are similar in nature, both dealing with somewhat grotesque things... yours with pulling something out of an asshole, and mine with vomit! Great minds must think alike.

5:15 PM  

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