Sunday, January 22, 2006


For the first time in franchise history, the NFL's Seattle Seahawks are champions of their conference (the NFC) and are headed to the Super Bowl, after a convincing 34-14 home win over the Carolina Panthers at Qwest Field!

One of my favorite all-time Seattle players is Jim Zorn, the original Seahawk quarterback when the team entered the NFL in 1976. He is now the Seattle quaterbacks' coach. Zorn (on the right) is pictured here with Seattle's starting QB, Matt Hasselbeck, prior to the 'Hawks' playoff win over Washington.

Pittsburgh also had a very convincing win today over a good Denver Broncos team, 34-17, in Denver no less, and the Steelers will represent the AFC in Super Bowl 40. Like Seattle, Pittsburgh has an excellent offense that is never predictable. Both teams have pretty tight defenses too. Both teams have excellent coaches, and although I can't stand to look at Pittsburgh's coach Bill Cowher, he is one of the National Football League's very best, along with Seattle's coach Mike Holmgren.

I believe these two teams will make for an excellent matchup! And this year, with the Pacific Northwest's (our) own Seattle Seahawks participating, I won't be getting very far from the boob tube on Super Bowl Sunday!


Blogger M. Montana #4 said...

Go Seahawks! and former AL RB, Shawn Alexander!

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