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I have always believed that the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) crap Bu$hCo feeds America (and the rest of the world) isn't just about oil, but is rather about empire. When I read the following article (see link below) and looked at the graphic that shows where our military bases are in the areas adjacent to Iran, a major reason for our presence in Iraq comes into clearer focus. I think Bush and friends might like for us to keep thinking about the Iraq War being all about oil, and keep talking like those are the real reasons for our troops being in Iraq. I think that if we focus on oil as a reason, some of the worst truths aren't as evident. Not until we look at a map such as the following, anyway:

The AP graphic demonstrates very clearly where our major facilities are located. Guess which country we sorta surround? When you read the article, you will learn that these permanent military bases the U.S. is building in Iraq include such amenities as bus service, car dealers, and Burger King. Looks like we are there to stay.

Oil seems to be a very nice side benefit of the master plan, anyway...

Some conservatives, like Ronald Dumsfeld, like to compare the current Iraq war to earlier wars in which the U.S. has been involved. Well, here's yet another way World War II might be very different from the Iraq War: with WWII, didn't we build most of our military facilities in Europe AFTER the war? Looks like we're building some permanent facilities in Iraq DURING the Iraq War and gearing up for something much bigger which we plan to take on AFTER Iraq. Like, a military takeover of the entire Middle East, maybe?

And I don't think I'm just being paranoid here:




Blogger Lily said...

Just came from Just Ain't Right because I liked your comments and have seen you at Blognonymous. Kvatch is one of my daily haunt spots.

Anyway, there are interesting maps that show the locations of new bases in Afghanistan and their strategic proximity to the pipelines. Coincidence?

I won't rehash her discussion on right wing bloggers except to say that very often we are treated by a blogger the way we approach a blogger. If our sole purpose is to derail, inflame, incite as opposed to dialogue and discussion it tends to get ugly. Folks on both side go out picking fights for sport. But one key difference is that I see the whining on the left and have never seen it on the right personally. I have many lefty bloggers that take great exception to questions or debate as not being 'nice' as we are supposedly sweet,warm, and fuzzy. I think on the right I have observed far more tolerance for dissent- only speaking from my experiences. When I ask a question at a lefty blog its like I fucking shot Elmo or something. Because we are "friends" "neighbors" a COMMUNITY for chrissakes.

9:25 AM  
Blogger Snave said...

Lily, thanks for coming by!

I tend not to hang out at right wing blogs because every time I have tried to ask them questions, I end up getting shat upon. I don't feel like the questions have been inflammatory, either... more like "Do Republicans think it is important to have clean air and water?" I certainly don't go to those places to pick fights, but it seems like my presence there indicates to them that I'm there for a fight. I'm probably just as guilty of looking at them that way when they come visit me or other blogs I frequent.

Thus, I dunno know about whining by righties commenting at their own blogs. When they come to mine, or when they come to blogs I frequent, I think they do tend to whine about lots of things, with the exception of a few people I've met in the blogosphere.

Anyway, I'm probably no better or worse at whining than any of the rest of us. I mostly just seriously dislike the Bush administration and its policies.

If you ask questions here, I hope you won't feel like you shot Elmo... besides, he's too cute and cuddly to shoot! Heh!

9:42 AM  
Blogger 1138 said...

Agreed Snave - the 'shout down' swiftboating tactics on the rightwing blogs preclude discussion and it's by design to shift the discussion to figthing about fishting rather than addressing issues.
School yard politics.

The Whining issue is hillarious because I never in my life heard as much whining from any side as I did when wuestions were asked and humor was attempted concerning Cheney's poor marksmanship abilities.

Lily doesn't hear it, because she's not looking for it.

11:32 AM  

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