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The above picture, actually taken around the first of November of 2006, is of our oldest cat Bonnie and Zeke when he was about eight weeks old.

Bonnie is now near the end of her life. She is 16 years old, and her weight has gone down dramatically during the last six months. She is now literally skin and bone. We are hoping Bonnie will die at home. We don't want to have to take her to the vet and have her put down, because we would rather see her die peacefully here at home... but of course if or when she starts showing signs of distress we will take her to the vet immediately.

During this past year Bonnie has been very tolerant of Zeke, one of our young cats. When he was a kitten, she allowed him to sleep next to her (as in the above picture). She has been very good to him. Now, even though Zeke is close to a year old and weighs about 2 1/2 times as much as she does, Bonnie still likes to cuddle with him from time to time.

Below are some wonderful pictures my daughter took today of Zeke and Bonnie sharing a patch of sunlight. It amazes me, as Bonnie wastes away, to see how much smaller she is now. Granted, Zeke has grown, but at this point Bonnie is fortunate to weigh five pounds. Next to him, she looks very small.

I don't know if Zeke realizes Bonnie is dying or not, but he shows his love for her anyway. Bonnie's end is near, and Zeke has been a great cat hospice care provider.

Whoever says cats are unsympathetic or aloof simply does not know cats. Please enjoy the following pictures. As somber as the story behind them might be, I find joy in the love and understanding these two have for each other.


Blogger American Hill BIlly said...

Please don't take this the wrong way. I think maybe looking up various poisons on the Net that will allow your beloved animal to fall asleep might be good. You said you'd rather her die at home than under duress rushed to the vet; who'll then make you wait. I don't know, always research, but I think enough antifreeze will do it. She should drink it....GOD I JUST DON'T KNOW. I am almost in tears because between telling you this, and us having to put down our 15 year old dog at the vet's 2 years ago. They made us wait while she seizured. We were crying. Holding her while she seized until they finally gave her the injection. It was horrible! The loss of family member, which is what she is will never go away, or be easy.
Please don't take my suggestion the wrong way. I thought some Hondurans were beating a dog today; so with Muscular Dystrophy, my very nice 3 foot machete, and enough money to buy the animal I went to talk to them. One way, or the other I was going to take the dog home. As luck would have it, and after scaring the hell out of the Hondurans it was just a baby pup that wanted in. I gave them money anyways for puppy food.

With My Deepest Sympathy,

Peace and Freedom

5:38 PM  
Blogger Snave said...

I know what you mean, AHB. That's kind of how it was with Bonnie's brother Clyde a couple of years ago, with seizures and all! Thanks for your support!

6:06 PM  
Blogger Lizzy said...

I'm so sorry, Snave.

I've lost many beloved family members (I hate the word "pet") over the years. It's extremely tough, and heartbreaking.

I'll be thinking about ya.

6:56 PM  
Blogger American Hill BIlly said...

Please feel free to email me at, if you need anyone to talk to. I'm glad you understood that I only want the most peaceful transition. That is after all what it is. Remember that is where sayings, such as "the sands of time", and the such come from. It's just one giant circle. I don't have that long because of the MD Crap. I just do everything to the fullest. I swim in the ocean everyday. As far as I can; probably just to prove a point to myself. I used to be scared of water. Now if a tiger shark were to come along, it doesn't scare me because it is just part of a loop. Just keep telling You and Yours this. For your other cat, get them a new playmate when it is done, they'll need a while to bond, but it will make it easier on that kitty as well.

7:44 PM  
Blogger Sheryl said...

I'm sorry, Snave. She might not suffer. I don't think I would assume that she's going to suffer, unless it actually happens.

Most of the cats we have loved just disappeared when they were ready to go. They are outdoor cats, but cats tend to be kind of private about dying. Although my parents did have one cat put down, and it was not cruel at all.

Hope it's all very painless.

8:11 PM  
Blogger Splotchy said...

Your post title says it all. Heartwarming pictures from a sad time.

7:27 AM  
Blogger Tom Harper said...

You have my sympathy; this is a difficult time. 2 years ago we had a cat who died of old age. He was about 18 or 19. He came to us as a stray so we weren't sure of his age. He never seemed ill, but as he got older he got thinner and thinner. I'll bet he didn't even weigh 4 pounds at the end.

He stopped eating one day, but he didn't die until 4 days later. He didn't seem to be suffering at all, so we didn't take him to a vet. But it sure was agonizing for us.

7:54 PM  
Blogger Randal Graves said...

A time I certainly don't want to think about concerning our cats. Hopefully yours will go out peacefully and without distress.

8:26 AM  
Blogger Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

I'm very sorry for your impending loss. I have lost several pets over the years, and I know how they become a part of your family, especially one you've loved for that long.

8:19 AM  
Blogger pissed off patricia said...

I had to love my little dog Murphy enough to let him go this past Feb. I've faced the same thing with three of my cats over the years. You will know in your heart when to take your kitty to the vet and let her go in peace and without pain. I know you love it that much and won't allow it to suffer. Don't do what the other commenter suggests, you will feel a horrible guilt. Allow the vet to take care of your needs.

The little Fred the Cat look alike grabs my heart every time I see it's picture.

9:05 AM  

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