Friday, March 12, 2010


McArthur Court, University of Oregon. Mac Court is also known as The Pit.

This is the area near where my friend Willy and I sat for the Pac-10 contest between Oregon and Cal. We were in the front row of the top level.

This is looking straight down from our seat. Mac Court is a very "vertical" arena!

It's... the Duck!

The Ducks having a conference with coach Ernie Kent

Banners hang from the rafters

The Ducks hustled against Cal, but were outmanned and lost 64-49.

The late moments of the game, with Cal leading 58-49

Another view from our seat, way up in the third level

Down at courtside, after the game

Looking way back up at where we sat... we were up in the front row of the top level

The Ducks will be moving out of Mac Court after this season. A new arena is being built near campus, to be called Matthew Knight Arena. Oregon will open the new arena when they open their Pac-10 season in January of 2011.
It was good to get a chance to see one more game at Mac Court. Probably the last one I will see there! The place just has so many good memories... basketball games as well as concerts. I don't know what the university plans to do with The Pit, but I hope they will be able to keep it.


Blogger Randal Graves said...

So Snave, something in the water over there? What's going on with your football team? The NCAA's version of the Cincinnati Bengals. Or the 1970s Oakland Raiders. ;-)

7:50 AM  
Blogger T. Paine said...

Despite being the Ducks court, I always thought that the pit was kinda cool. Too bad they are building a new arena. Glad you got a chance to go to one more game, even if your Ducks lost though.

7:55 AM  
Blogger J. Marquis said...

Great pictures, Snave!

4:42 PM  
Blogger Snave said...

Randal, I don't know... some bad LSD maybe? 8-) I think it's called the growing pains of becoming a big-time football program. UO has never really been at this level until the last decade or so, and apparently they don't quite get it when it comes to certain things. (The Beavers went through some of this too when Dennis Erickson was their coach.) In this case, the Ducks' program is deep enough that they should still do fine on the field even without this last year's QB and without a RB or two for a game here or there... but it's the national image of the school and the school's athletic program that will take beating for a few years, and will take a while to recover (as long as there are no more incidents like we've seen in the past six months... ugh!)

You know T. Paine, I always like Gill Coliseum too! I have some good memories of it as well, for concerts and hoops! It might not quite have the mystique of Mac Court, but it is also a good classic basketball arena. Mac Court holds lots of memories for me... a really weirdly cool kind of place!

THanks, J. I imagine you have some pretty good memories of Mac Court too! We will have to share some of those sometime!

10:18 AM  
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