Saturday, February 23, 2008


Our little kitties have been doing quite a bit of growing over the last few months!

Zeke has a voracious appetite!
He is now about six months old, and he already weighs close to ten pounds! As long as Baby Mackie isn't around to chase him away, Zeke likes to cuddle up next to Mr. Snave at bedtime.

Zeva also has an appetite, as much for mischief as for food. She is about a month older than Zeke, but he outweighs her by a good 2-3 pounds.
Zeva likes to hide her toy mice underneath our stove, so we tried to block the opening with rolled up dishtowels. She has obviously figured out what we are trying to do! Zeva likes to play "fetch" with her toys... We will be sitting reading books or watching TV, and she will bring us a toy, drop it in one of our laps, wait and watch while we flick it across the room, chase it and grab it, then bring it back so we can throw it for her again. This little girl is quite the bright one!

They're lots of fun, and they have added lots of light to the short winter days.