Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Or better yet, why?

Do you have any of these around where you live?

This one is between Madras and Shaniko on US 97 in north central Oregon. I know of another one on US 26 in Oregon between Vale and Juntura. I seem to recall someone telling me there is one here in NE Oregon somewhere... I shall inquire.

Please tell me, if you know: what is a shoe tree all about? 8-)>

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Our band Standard Deviation played our second EOU tailgater party this morning. I was a bit concerned that we might encounter rain or other such icky stuff, but the temperature was in the 60-65 range and everything stayed dry. There was some stiff wind at times, but we managed just fine. We played well, and well over a hundred people were there.

Thanks to Sally Gregory for the following pictures. I hereby proclaim her as our official band photographer! She always gets good shots.

Jon White was on top of his guitar game today.

Mike was, as always, right-on on the bass

John discusses sound with today's soundman Scott Arnson. Scott played guitar in our band for a year. He helped us take our sound to a new level then, and we have taken it to still another level now. Scott is an all-around great guy, and when he does our sound we know it's going to help us sound that much better!

A couple of shots of us.

John and Joel in this shot. We had to bundle up a bit when the temp dropped down a few degrees.
I think my keyboard playing was a bit better than normal today. Fewer mistakes, better solos.

Joel and Jon

Mike, John and Jon

Joel on the drums

Nice fall colors now in La Grande.

A great time was had by all!
Our next job is Thursday, December 3 at Ten Depot Street in La Grande.

We got paid a nice sum for the two EOU tailgaters. I have enough in my music fund now that I think I'm going to purchase a headset remote microphone. Joel has a headset mic and he likes it quite a bit. His voice sounds just as good through it as it does through a regular mic. You can probably see it on him in the pictures he's in.

That way I can look like one of those air traffic controllers or whatever when I sing. I have also decided to learn to play while standing, so that I can be more animated when singing. It might make us more interesting to watch, although maybe watching a 52-year-old guy sort-of dancing around while playing a piano might not be all that interesting... but I do like to dance around a bit! Heh!
Stay tuned on that one!


Lots of the trees in town are starting to turn, and there are some nice colors.

On 4th Street, near M Avenue.

At 2nd Street and Main Avenue.
At 4th Street and Washington Avenue.

At First and Spring.

At our corner.

The Eastern Oregon University Mountaineers played the University of Montana-Western Bulldogs today at Community Stadium.

View looking east from the stands.

Help! Monty the Mountie is after me!!

Eastern led Montana-Western 33-7 at halftime but had to hang on for a 40-30 win. EOU is having a great season. They are now 6-1 in their league, and 6-2 overall. The latest poll had them ranked #19 in the country for their level (NAIA). Their only league loss came at the hands of Carroll College in Helena, Montana. EOU hosts Carroll next week in a game that could go a long way toward determining whether the Mounties will get a playoff game this year. EOU has only won six games in a season six times in the last 80 years! So this season is a special one so far.

You can see that it was a great day for a ballgame. This view is looking SE from the stadium stands.
I love this time of year around here. We usually get a few good weeks of fall weather before it gets icky with cold, rain and snow. I'm eating up this nice weather while it lasts!


I'll put up some band photos and some fall color and other pics.

Our band is playing in about 90 minutes for a tailgater at Eastern Oregon University. It's breezy and about 60 degrees outside right now, and doesn't look like it will rain, so... "so far, so good" on that front. I'll probably go to the football game after we play music. A number of the trees around here are beginning to show some nice colors, and I'll take a few pictures of those. By tonight I should have some things up for you to look at.

Have a great Saturday!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


King Phinney the Magnificent

Neko the Destroyer and Ichiro the Mild

Ichiro and Neko go their separate ways

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I posted a new trip at my Eastern Oregon Roadtrips blog, at , in case you're interested! Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


The Bellhop from Hell (1978)

by John Evans, 1978

There used to be a fireplace
The biggest in the state
And of this giant fireplace
A story I'll relate.

It happened in the cold, cold autumn days
In the lodge at Crater Lake
During a time of year when storms
So constantly would break.

This fireplace kept the whole lodge warm
With flames that crackled higher
Than the highest bellhop ever got -
They brought logs in for the fire.

John was a slender, handsome lad
Who'd just turned twenty-one
He worked as a bellhop during that year
And always had his fun

One day the rain was pouring down,
Weather fine for frogs.
John saw the fire dying down -
He had to go get logs.

Well, John, now he hated the fireplace
He brought logs in with a frown.
He thought "I'll build this fire so high
It burns the whole place down!"

A fine, fine bed of coals was left,
The first log soon caught on,
And before he knew, the fire it grew...
His heart was full of song!

He brought in two, then three, then four,
And soon had piled on twenty -
The fire had smoked the whole room grey
With heat so full aplenty.

And John did laugh a demon laugh,
So far reversed from fear
Was he to see each tourist's eyes
From smoke so full of tears.

But then a log rolled out of the fireplace -
The carpet was a-blazing!
In smoky flames and burnt rubber fumes,
A sight so quite amazing!

Soon the curtains caught on fire,
And then the sofas too!
Just seconds passed, and John did laugh -
The lodge burned through and through!

Oh how he hated that fireplace,
But now it did his work!
"I'll go outside and watch it burn, "
He said with jolly smirk.

The entire structure burned quite fierce,
Fireplace and all...
And what was once a mammoth sight
Soon looked very small.

Three hours went by, the blaze it died
And John, he still looked on.
His eyes beheld a gift from Hell -
The whole lodge, it was gone -

But what he saw brought tears of rage
And caused him wracking pain -
Of all the things that should have burned...
Only the fireplace remained!

He thought "I see a gift from Hell,
I'll not wait 'til Hell freezes!"
So he found a sledge hammer in the smoking debris
And smashed the hearth to pieces.

In screaming fits his hammer fell,
Smashing every stone,
And though this fireplace was of Hell,
John made his dreams come home.

The world is full of pyros,
Who burn monuments for larks.
And John, he's still out there somewhere,
Burning lodges in National Parks.