Monday, July 19, 2004

"Girlie Men" of the world, unite!

If there is a local Democratic candidate in your area who happens to be a man, keep supporting him even if people call him a "Girlie Man".  I can't wait to see how much that phrase will become the popular set of political buzz words for this election year.  All the Hannitys, Coulters, O'Reillys, Cheneys and Bushes of the world are probably giddy with glee, singing "Neener, neener neener" and erecting shrines to Schwarzenegger as I write. 
The Dems need to have some kind of a comeback for such ignorance.  Arnold has such an aboriginal stance on so many issues...  actually that is a slur against Aboriginals.  I apologize...  heh...  Maybe some prominent figure will stoop to Arnold's level and call him "Teste Man".  Schwarzenegger is a prime example of what too much testosterone has done to America and to the rest of the world throughout history.  I'm glad there was an abuncance of the stuff in America in the late 1700's, but how much do we really need it in today's world? 

Maybe Arnold's Hummer should have a bumpersticker that reads "Instant asshole:  just add testosterone."  It may well already have one that says "My balls are bigger than yours!"  I don't believe that particular philosophy is the one America should adopt.  Balls are nice, and they are a part of life, especially in the United States...  but to use a play on one of my favorite Dubya quotes, "there ought to be limits to balldom." 


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