Sunday, July 18, 2004

This year's "October Surprise": what will it be?

We know the GOP is up to something...  what will the "October Surprise" be this year?  We know they are getting desperate, because the election of Bush doesn't appear to be a slam dunk anymore...  so who knows what they're going to come up with?  I have several ideas:
1.  The administration has Osama Bin Laden on ice somewhere, and they will pull him out of the hat sometime within the 4-6 weeks prior to the election.  This will "prove all the critics wrong" and help save some face for Bush and his friends.
2.  They will try to make up for the embarrassment of finding no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, by...  finding some!  Some planted by Halliburton, most likely.
3.  Another major terrorist attack could occur on U.S. soil between now and November.   Although this would not be something orchestrated by the administration, it would probably provide Bush with a spike in the polls, and/or it could cause the November election to be postponed for who knows how long.  Maybe long enough for him to declare a state of national emergency?  Such an attack would not officially constitute an "October Surprise" as set up by the GOP, but it would be still be one set up by a group that wants Bush re-elected.  That group is Al-Qaeda, of course, as the Bush administration directly contributes to worldwide hatred of America among Islamic fundamentalist groups through its actions in the Middle East...  thus making itself a highly effective recruiter of terrorists for Al Qaeda's cause. 
I don't know about you, but I am convinced the people of the Bush administration will stop at nothing to maintain their power. 
If any of you have any ideas about what the "October Surprise" will be, send 'em on.  Comments about how paranoid I am?  Send them too, if you must...


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