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Teacher Sends Kid Home With Feces in Bag

A teacher is on paid administrative leave after sending a first-grader home with feces in his backpack because the boy soiled the classroom floor.

The teacher apparently was frustrated with the 6-year-old student's actions so she wrapped up the waste and sent it home with the boy Tuesday along with a note, Dallas school district spokesman Donald Claxton said. Claxton declined to identify the teacher at Gabe P. Allen Elementary School.

"It generally appears the teacher was trying to help raise awareness with the family," Claxton said. "It's just an unfortunate incident. Unfortunately, she took this course of action."


Blogger Snave said...

Addendum: If I was that kid, I would have felt like taking the feces and putting them in a paper bag, placing the bag on the teacher's doorstep, lighting the bag on fire, ringing the doorbell, and running off to hide somewhere nearby.

2:23 PM  
Blogger Shawn said...

That comes later when the kid gets older...

But for now... it seems like you sort of have to go out of your way to crap on the floor. Accidents happen, but you've got to come from a messed up background to just drop trou' and leave a pile.

Not exactly the norturing response you might expect from a first-grade teacher though...

5:22 PM  

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