Monday, April 19, 2010


This is my favorite time of year.

The leaves are coming out around here, and it is a sure sign winter is finally gone. The hills around town are beginning to green up, and I see flowers here and there around town. Some of the birds we have missed during the cold months have returned, and I delight in hearing their familiar songs again.

"Oh yeah, that's an Evening Grosbeak I hear! And that other one... that's Turdus Migratorius!!" 8-)

Our upstairs bathroom is finally getting a remodel. This is the first interior home improvement we have made in the 13 years we've been in the house, if you don't count painting a few rooms! It is the only bathroom with shower, and the shower is busted... taking baths in the downstairs tub is getting old. But in a few weeks, for us it will be like "April flowers bring May showers" for us. We can't wait!

There are only about seven weeks left in the school year, and while the work keeps piling up, I know there is now a light at the end of the tunnel. That light for me is known as "summer"! With tickets for the Sasquatch Festival at The Gorge on Memorial Weekend, tickets to see Rush with Jim and a friend in August in Auburn, WA, a trip to California for my niece's wedding in July, a July reunion of college bandmates with a public performance in Portland, getting to see the Mariners play the Yankees in Seattle, and a couple of jobs here and there for Standard Deviation... not to mention a possible hike or two... summer is shaping up to be good! So even with work being a grind, I have lots of things to look forward to.

All this fun begins in about five weeks! Until then, the nicer weather, longer days and other positive things going on make for good feelings.

I hope things are going well for you too, that spring is filling your insides with good feelings, and that your horizons look bright.

Happy spring!


Blogger T. Paine said...

Happy Spring to you too, Mr. Snave!

That is cool that you, Jim, and a friend are going to see Rush. Say "Hi!" to him for me, would ya? :) lol!

6:38 AM  

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