Monday, January 03, 2005


There may be some things I'm forgetting in this 2004 list and the lists that follow. Anyway, with my left-wing bias firmly in place, here goes:

Top news stories:
11. Box office wars: Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9-11” and Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ” fueled lots of political controversy and division in the US.
10. High oil prices: What caused oil prices to go up is a good question. It does seem a little odd to me that they went up prior to the presidential election and then started back down after Bush won.
9. The Death of Ronald Reagan: This had to have been timed by the GOP for political advantage, so that during a time when Bush’s approval ratings were not high enough, attention would be diverted from the Democratic party to the GOP. Just kidding, of course… but his death did seem to lead to a rapturous conservative ideological orgy.
8. The fuss over same-sex marriage: Did the controversy that led to ballot measures in (I think it was 11) states also get more religious conservatives to come to the polls? If so, how much did it help Bush win the presidential election?
7. The Death of Arafat: If he can be replaced with someone reasonable, maybe tensions in Israel and Palestine can decrease.
6. Ukrainian election results: This shows me that if the citizens of a country are awake and paying attention, crooked politicians can’t steal elections... and that an opposition candidate can win even if someone is trying to poison him.
5. Genocide in Sudan: Thousands of people are dying. The United States is paying lip service to the horror while continuing to pour personnel and dollars into the Iraq adventure.
4. Abu Ghraib photos: I think this is just about the worst possible PR for the USA. Stuff like this can turn the world tide of opinion against America even further that it is already, even if it is only a tiny fraction of a percent of the US troops who were involved.
3. War in Iraq: The longer this lasts, the more I fear the US is on the wrong course with its foreign policy and its approach to terrorism.
2. Earthquake/tsunami hits SE Asia: No explanation necessary for one of the worst natural disasters in history.
1. George W. Bush wins the US presidential election: One of the worst unnatural disasters in history. I believe this will have more ramifications (and in my opinion, mostly negative ones) for Earth’s future than any of the other stories from 2004. The radical neo-conservative plan for world domination will continue unfettered as the GOP holds power over the White House, Senate and Congress (look for reinstatement of the military draft during the next few years). Due to that degree of control and to the degree with which theocrats control the GOP, the right's plan for religious (Christian) domination of our governmental institutions will continue as well. The GOP does not seem too concerned about stopping the budgetary bloodletting any time soon. If our nation goes broke, what happens then?

Tough times are ahead, people. I just don't think they ever had to be this tough... but we can always blame Bill Clinton for everything wrong in the world today, right? 8-)>


Blogger Ms Liberty said...

We should come up with a good name for the "blame Bill" syndrome.

2:38 PM  
Blogger Snave said...

How about IBS, which stands for "Irritable Bill Syndrome"? When lots of right-wingers hear the words "Bill Clinton" they become very irritable, and they appear as if they are about to perish from nausea and cramping... and there is often much verbal diarrhea involved!

3:46 PM  
Blogger Lizzy said...

Your list was right on.

8:33 PM  

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